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About Karl

Karl Kretschmer Advisor Interimsmanagement Start-ups KMU

8 Jahre Growth Companion

2,5 Jahre Gründer

1,5 Jahre Interim-CxO

Karl is a founder, engineer and strategist from Dresden and known as a Growth Companion for value-based companies and science projects wanting to achieve more. Since 2015, Karl has been co-founding and accompanying science-based technology companies together with numerous future makers.


As a three-year CEO of a start-up, I not only know the theory and international best practices, but also the real hurdles and failures in company building - from hour 0!


  • 19'89

  • Dipl.-Ing.

  • First start-up investment 20'13

  • First interim function  20'15 (controlling, strategy)

  • First funding acquisition 20'15

  • First financing round 20'16

  • First founding management (business development, PM, controlling, finance) 20'17

  • First swarm funding 20'17

  • First supervisory board function in a start-up 20'19

  • Accredited consultant at BAFA 20'20

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